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Maintenance Agreements

What do I get with a McIntosh Communications Service Agreement?

Systematic inspection.

Factory-trained technicians test and align your Wireless Communications Systems on a regularly scheduled basis. The entire systematic process of testing, diagnosing, and servicing helps to ensure that the Wireless Communications Systems will continue to operate properly for the lifespan of your systems.

Technical support.

You will receive technical information upon request by phone, email or FAX, including the latest troubleshooting solutions and upgrade information.

Quick response and quality workmanship.

You will receive prompt 24/7 attention from highly skilled service technicians who have extensive diagnostic and repair experience of all Wireless communication devises.

Less paperwork.

When you need service, having a McIntosh Communications Service Agreement budgeted and in place reduces the paperwork associated with purchase orders, check request documentation, and billing codes.

Lower costs.

The McIntosh Communications Service Agreement is designed to keep your Wireless Communications Systems up and running so you avoid costly downtime and unexpected bills.

Radio Firmware.

Your Radios will be updated with the latest Manufacturers release of Firmware to ensure that all known issues are resolved as they are released. This is McIntosh Communications standard process by all Factory-trained technicians at no additional cost to the Service Agreement holder.

Free Pick Up and Delivery.

You will receive weekly scheduled pickup and delivery of all radio repairs, radio programming and radio and accessory purchases. A McIntosh Communications Service Agreement is a sound business decision; you will maximize your productivity at the lowest possible cost.

For more information on the Service Agreements from McIntosh Communications and how your business can benefit, contact us today.