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Discover the power of cloud-based intelligence

Open, scalable, secure and easy to use, Alta Aware is an enterprise-grade, cloud-based AI video management system (VMS) equipped with integrated machine-learning capabilities.

Achieve true proactive security with AI analytics

Get greater insight into what’s happening at all your sites, at any moment, from anywhere in the world. Leverage AI-driven intelligence to accurately identify potential security threats, so you can take control of the situation. With Alta Aware cloud-based video analytics, you can:

  • Detect and classify anomalies based on perimeters and behaviors
  • Differentiate between people, vehicles and other objects
  • Map movement across your sites
  • Receive real-time alerts with thumbnails, time and location data

Investigate smarter and faster

Alta Aware offers smart, intuitive search tools that can transform time-intensive review of surveillance footage into fast answers, empowering security operators.

  • Search one or more cameras and specify a time range
  • Find people and filter by apparent gender and clothing color
  • Locate vehicles based on type, color or license plate
  • Match against a reference image for people or vehicles

Enhance your operational awareness

Use data and insight from video analytics and sensors to optimize business processes and efficiencies, and improve the customer experience.

  • Optimize cleaning, heating and cooling based on usage
  • Use hot-desking metrics to improve productivity and planning
  • Understand traffic flows in retail and public venues
  • Identify hot spots and high-traffic areas to improve customer experience

Learn about occupancy management

Secure and scalable, on the camera and in the cloud

Alta Aware makes compliance easier with a security-by-default approach, providing peace of mind for organizations. It’s never been easier to protect privacy and prevent cybersecurity threats with:

  • Automatic software updates from the cloud
  • End-to-end encryption of data and metadata
  • Secure, remote access via a browser or mobile app
  • Scalable, secure storage on the camera or in the cloud

Get started quickly and integrate with what you use every day

Deploy directly with Alta cameras or use one of our highly performant Alta Cloud Connectors for a friction-free transition to cloud, without giving up what you already use.

  • Connect third-party cameras to add AI analytics and local storage
  • Integrate third-party sensors for additional environmental insights
  • ONVIF-compliant talk-down speakers for intrusion deterrence
  • Open API for limitless integration potential

Explore our Cloud Connectors

Bring intelligence to every site with Alta Aware

Avigilon's cloud-based video analytics software enables 360-degree awareness across all your sites, whether you use Avigilon Ava cloud IP cameras or connect Atla Aware to existing cameras, sensors and viewers.

Map view with Smart Presence™
Add maps of all your locations and facilities in Alta Aware to gain enhanced situational awareness and insights.

Video view with Spotlight
Powered by deep learning, Alta Aware uses Spotlight to bring only the most relevant feeds to the operator’s attention.

Timeline with Smart Presence™
Find specific events in Alta Aware’s AI-powered video view that highlights people, vehicles and overall motion separately.

Fast investigations with Smart Search™
Comb through countless hours of video quickly using appearance and image detection powered by machine learning.