iBwave Engineering Services

Dealer engineers, designs, installs and certifies public safety Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) to comply with NFPA 72, NFPA 1221 and IFC 510 DAS fire codes for Emergency Responder Radio Coverage Systems (ERCES).

Our professional engineering team will design an in-building wireless solution specific to your facility based on your long-term plans and objectives. With 3D modeling, extremely accurate RF simulations and predictions, as well as extensive reporting, iBwave Wi-Fi is our choice to design, deploy and manage Wi-Fi networks.


Using industry standards, our engineers will design a custom solution that provides coverage where you need it. Our solutions can support all network operator technologies and frequencies.


During the design process, our engineers will present you with predictive models to communicate solution configurations, expected coverage and network performance metrics such as signal quality.


What is iBwave Design and why is it so important? From initial site assessments to 3D design, right through validation and close-out, iBwave Design is an industry standard for designing in-building wireless networks. With iBwave, we're able to plan your entire project, experience the impact of your design, accelerate the completion of your project and increase the productivity of your network before we ever break ground.

iBwave Design is a cloud-based solution. Our in-house team of iBwave-certified engineers can access the same information about your project, at the same time, from any location. And with an intuitive drag-and-drop formula, we can move access points and network equipment anywhere in your facility as a 3D model before a permanent decision is made. In addition, we have an ongoing analysis of your capital outlay for greater insight and management over the finances.


Download the iBwave quick reference technical public safety technologies information to see a technical comparison of public safety radio technologies and more.

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