Code & Permit Processing & Maintenance

Reliable in-building communication for first responders is crucial in the event of an emergency. If you currently have a public safety signal booster or an ERCES installed in your building, when was the last time your system received a health check? If it has been over a year, your equipment may not comply with the current standard safety codes.

Annual Testing and Inspection

Did you know that your ERCES requires annual testing and inspection? NFPA 1221 11.9.3 & International Fire Code 510.6.1 also requires annual recertification/testing. Every system needs periodic maintenance or repairs to ensure the system is available and reliable when users need it most.

An annual assessment of your system ensures that the system continues to operate and perform in compliance with applicable local building codes and that the safeguards implemented to ensure that the system is always ready are still intact.

  • System coverage
  • Pathway survivability
  • Donor isolation
  • Equipment alarms
  • Backup power
  • Lightning protection
  • Inspection records
  • As-built documentation

Dealer can maintain your ERCES and Wireless Carrier DAS to ensure optimum RF performance.

Dealer can provide annual inspection and recertification to keep your system in compliance.

Our Maintenance and Service Levels Agreements (SLA) include:

  • Firmware/software upgrades
  • Annual signal strength testing with Grid Survey for Public Safety systems
  • Troubleshooting and fault detection
  • Passive device replacement i.e. Splitters, tappers, antennas
  • Active components including BDA and Battery backup unit are covered by manufacturer warranty
  • Battery testing
  • Annual maintenance service visit
  • All work covered by a 90 day Warrantee or the remainder of contract, whichever is greater.

You can be confident that any maintenance or repairs will be completed effectively and efficiently because we have the specialized tools and the necessary training.

In accordance with the NFPA, we guarantee that our emergency responder radio coverage systems are always maintained and operating fully. We can annually test any building for even coverage and will provide proof of compliance for the owner and fire code official. Signal boosters, backup batteries and power supplies are also tested, as well as all other active components, to verify that they are operating according to the manufacturer’s specifications. Beyond annual inspections, the next time that structural changes occur, including additions or remodels (which could change the original field performance tests), testing will also need to occur.