Site Inspection & Coverage Testing

A site inspection combined with coverage testing is important to make sure buildings have the wireless coverage they need. It can help determine whether a distributed antenna system (DAS) needs to be installed to improve coverage, as well as serve as a baseline test for pre- and post-DAS installation performance. Dealer conducts DAS site surveys as standard practice before designing in-building Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS).

Through our detailed site inspection and coverage testing process, Dealer's RF & DAS experts identify and document all the critical information necessary, such as weak signal levels and interference. With these readings, and the quality-of-service measurements from the outside network, our team will prepare a thorough analysis and recommendation report that may include the requirement of enhancing services through a DAS.

Our expert team of RF and DAS experts will travel to your location site to evaluate the following RF signal and local regulatory factors:

  • Prioritize areas of concern
  • Spectrum analysis of required frequencies
  • Evaluate propagation variables
  • Donor signal sources: Radio and cell towers
  • Unamplified Radio Frequency (RF) measurements (including RF noise floor and donor signal strength)
  • RF Inhibitors: Terrain, topography and structures
  • Fire safety and building code requirements for ERCES
  • FCC license holder(s) for P25 public safety radio network retransmission agreements
  • Letter of compliance for AHJ. (If in-building site signal coverage is acceptable and passes code.)