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Clark County, NV – Mandated Public Safety Radio Coverage

Providing good quality RF signal throughout your building or campus represents sometimes represents significant challenges in today’s day and age.

McIntosh Communications specializes in providing in-building communication solutions to commercial and public safety customers.

In many jurisdictions, two-way radio communications for public safety is mandated by state and local laws. We will make sure that your facility complies with all of these rules and regulations.

Our solutions can be as simple as adding two way radio repeaters or combiners or as complex as installing a distributed antenna system (DAS).

In-building systems are customized solutions. Rarely do they work “out of the box”. A number of factors need to be considered. These could include system signal strength, building construction, size, layout, coverage requirements, end user equipment, covered networks and similar factors. We will customize a solution for your exact challenges and needs.

The in-building team at McIntosh Communications has extensive design experience and utilizes state of the art software to meet your design objectives. We offer a complete turnkey solution for your two-way radio system and in-building application needs. We will design, install and maintain your two-way radio and in-building amplification system.

Please contact us to find out which solution is right for your business