McIntosh's rental department supplies top quality rental radios to meet your needs. We take the time to take care of the details. If your company requires radios for a single days event or a project lasting a few months McIntosh has you covered.

McIntosh offers portable and mobile radios including; Verizon Push to talk Cell Phones, VHF, UHF, 800/900mHz analog and digital Mototrbo . McIntosh will customize a solution to fit your need to use radios in a rugged environment , through out the Las Vegas Valley or a large convention center area. We provide radios that work radio to radio or on one of our many radio “trunking” repeater sites. These repeater sites cover many premier convention and event centers. If we don't already have your location area covered we can install a temporary repeater or radio trunking system to give you the capability to have enhanced radio signal.

We also offer Radio Rental Management Services. This service includes coordination of multiple companies or vendors using one large repeater system and all being able to communicate with each other while simultaneously having a radio channel of their own. McIntosh can package radios, accessories and radio tracking logs for each department or vendor . McIntosh uses FCC licensed frequencies for rentals in Las Vegas or other areas through out the United States. This allows you as a customer to be comfortable knowing you are legally using the radios. You will not be causing illegal interference during local or out of state rentals.

Please contact us for your customized quote today.