Motorola Solutions Safe Hospitality

32 | 866-297-5454 • WWW.MCINTOSHCOMM.COM SAFETY REIMAGINED SOLUTIONS SEARCH USING PHYSICAL DESCRIPTIONS Quickly initiate a search for a person by specific physical descriptions such as clothing color, gender or age. SEARCH USING IMAGE IN RECORDED VIDEO Capture the appearance of an individual within a recorded video and automatically search where this person has been before and after a particular point in time. BUILD A STORY Use playback, bookmark and export tools to compile a robust video narrative of events that automatically associate with incident reports and records. APPEARANCE SEARCH FIND WHO YOU’RE LOOKING FOR FASTER COVID-19 RESPONSE TECHNOLOGY Operate safely and comply with local health and safety guidelines by deploying powerful video analytics for occupancy counting, social distancing and no face mask detection. CLOUD-CONNECTED ACC Avigilon Cloud Services (ACS) enables you to connect existing ACC sites to the cloud for easy and secure remote access to video via the web or mobile app, without complicated firewall port forwarding or time-consuming user configuration. ACCESS CONTROL UNIFICATION ACC software unifies with your Access Control Manager™ system seamlessly, allowing you to verify the identity of the person attempting to access a door connected to a camera. AVIGILON CONTROL CENTER CLOUD-CONNECTED ACC FOR EASY AND SECURE REMOTE ACCESS