Motorola Solutions Safe Hospitality

5 | 866-297-5454 • WWW.MCINTOSHCOMM.COM SAFETY REIMAGINED ENTERPRISE PLATFORM ENTERPRISE PLATFORM The Motorola Solutions Enterprise Platform unifies all of your data and workflows on a secure and scalable foundation, so you can collaborate more easily and make more informed decisions. SCALABLE A PLATFORM THAT EVOLVES WITH YOU Designed to evolve with you at the pace of your unique technology journey. The platform adapts to data traffic and volume changes, accommodates existing technologies, and allows for new services and capabilities to expand across the workflow without disrupting operations. ACTIONABLE AI-ENABLED DECISION MAKING Integrating real-time decision-making with deep analytics. Analyze real-time events, capture automated alerts, share one operational view across the entire workflow and easily find the information you need to make fast and informed decisions. SECURE COMPLETE CONTROL OF OPERATIONAL DATA Safeguarding your operational data both inside and outside your enterprise. Protected by the latest cloudbased security measures, securely permission users, provision access, and share and search across the entire enterprise workflow while maintaining high levels of services. UNIFIED WORKFLOW ONE COMMON OPERATING PICTURE Store, search and share data across the entire enterprise workflow. Relevant information flows through every application so everyone works from a common point of view. USER EXPERIENCE INTUITIVE, SECOND-NATURE APPS Our design rules govern workflow relationships, user interfaces and information flows – setting the standard for how our enterprise safety applications look, feel and work. ENTERPRISE BIG DATA CENTRALIZED DATA FUELS ANALYTICS Unify your growing data and provide the knowledge base for powerful analytics, helping guide decisions, reconstructing incidents and managing historical data, all in real time. RULE-BASED EVENTS CAPTURE, ANALYZE AND ACTION Orchestrate and customize workflows across technologies to respond to real-time events. Automatically prompting apps to execute specific actions or trigger alerts to investigate and resolve. UNIFIED COMMUNICATIONS MULTIMEDIA TEAM COLLABORATION Dynamically route video, data, messages, voice and PTT over the best network to apps on the most suitable device. Intelligence is shared seamlessly between central operations and the field.