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What We Do

Two-Way Radio Solutions

Equip your teams with ultra-thin portables, extra-tough mobiles and flawless system scalability.

Vehicle Upfitting

We offer full turnkey solutions for upfitting and outfitting government, utility, and commercial vehicles.

Rental Solutions

Our rental department can assist with any short or long-term communication need with the best equipment and rates.

Airtime Services

We offer both local and nationwide airtime coverage solutions with competitive monthly user rates.

In-Building Coverage

We have robust solutions that enable the use of wireless devices, technologies, and applications indoors.

Take the First Step Towards
Better Communications

Talk to us about your most critical communications needs. We have over 25 years of proven experience to design and manage a custom wireless system that meets your needs.


Our Most Popular Two-Way Radios

Other Services We Offer


Nationwide Push-To-Talk Communications Service

WAVE offers the power of PTT & the ease of two-way radio communications, delivered with the vast coverage of a coast-to-coast broadband network. Your team can be up & running quickly with nationwide push-to-talk.

Voice and Broadband Data

Business-Critical Voice and Broadband Data

Organizations expect data to flood through their networks at optimum speeds to do their jobs, better, smarter, and faster. In response to these demands, the FCC has approved the use of Citizen Broadband Radio Service (CBRS).

Fire Life Safety Systems that 
Meet Mandated Codes

Fire Life Safety Systems that Meet Mandated Codes

McIntosh Communications is your partner for greatly improving cellular, PCS, and two-way in buildings. Our in-building team has extensive design experience and utilizes state of the art software to meet manda ted codes.

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